João Corvina's Portrait

Joao is an 'Algarvian' Wildlife Photographer. Born and raised in Algarve although he has a Portuguese nationality…

At first, he didn’t really like photography but guess what? Since he started photo-id of cetaceans photography has become an addiction, he started to take his camera everywhere he goes and seeing photos everywhere he looks!

His interest is not only animal portrait photos but mainly great compositions and action shots, trying to engage the viewer with the natural world and show how it works.

His main goal is to get the whole world to witness the wild wonders as he sees them, hoping to also raise awareness by doing so!

Feel free to view, follow his work here and on his Facebook page where he will regularly posts photos and updates.

If you are interested in any of his photos, services or even if you simply have a question feel free to contact him any time… and by the way he is always willing to accept sponsors!